How the Greats Do It: Unlocking the Value of Sales Operations with Tierney Didier

Unlock the secrets of sales operations mastery as we sit down with Tierney Didier, Senior Director of Revenue Ops in Analytics at LivePerson, who brings her unparalleled expertise to the mic. Grasp the importance of structured quarterly routines like QBRs, and learn how Tierney's own transition from sales to sales support has positioned her to truly 'get' the sales perspective, offering insights that refine the balance between process simplicity and the adoption of new methods. This episode peels back the layers of sales effectiveness, highlighting the often-overlooked value of relationship-building and the necessity of consistent, fundamental practices even as we chase the allure of new projects. Step into the world of collaborative triumphs, where Tierney guides us through the harmony of sales, marketing, and cross-functional partnerships, all in service of strategic data use. We discuss the delicate dance of extracting high-quality data from on-the-go sales reps while simultaneously providing them with dashboards that turn numbers into actionable insights. The episode reveals the inner workings of project management tools that keep our initiatives sharply focused and showcases the vibrant culture of inclusion and accountability that can elevate a team's efforts from good to extraordinary. Finally, Tierney and I dissect the lifeblood of any sales operationā€”the integrity of data. She shares the proactive steps needed to cultivate trust in data accuracy, emphasizing the importance of establishing a solid sales operations foundation early in a company's life cycle. We also examine the creation and use of global dashboards, highlighting how these tools can align organizational goals and provide a transparent view of business health. This episode is a blueprint for those looking to understand the critical role of sales operations in bridging the gap between ambitious financial objectives and the day-to-day realities faced by sales teams.